Hello!  My names Petit-On.

I was born on the Island of Mallorca from the love of snacking and the guilt that comes with stuffing your face with non-nutritional sh-stuff… Ergo, little old me was created, the nutritional ball of snackable goodness – packed with vitamins and planted based protein making me, not only scrumptious, but healthy and energizing (don’t be fooled by my size, I have no issue with boosting you with energy)

Leading a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of tasty treats, hence why me and all my yumminess have been created to fill your body with energy and your tummy of happiness.


P.S: I’m a fictional character, don’t try to talk to me when you eat me


I’m not a selfish ball, and I don’t ONLY want to be good for you and your beautiful body ;), but also for humanity, that’s where my slogan comes from; “THE GOOD SNACK” not only refers to the health benefits, but also to the brand values; my creators believe and understand the importance of equal opportunity for all and human support. That is why I will collaborate with various organizations and associations.




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